Why Flare?

Flaring Is A Process Used By Oil & Gas Companies To Convert Stranded Methane (That Isn't Able To Be Transported Off-Site) Into Less Potent Greenhouse Gases. Oil & Gas Companies Usually Resort To Flaring Natural Gas When Constructing New Pipeline Infrastructure Becomes Uneconomical.

FLARE MITIGATION LLC Is All About Using This Wasted Energy To Run Bitcoin Mining Machines On-Site, While Reducing The Amount Of Gas Needing To Be Flared. This Generates Money For The Wellsite Owners & Bitcoin Miners, While Further Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions!

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Is The World's 1st Decentralized Digital Currency, Worth >$1T.
It Takes Energy & Computing Power For The Network To Work, Or "Mine".
Contributing To The Network Generates Bitcoins, And Results In Profit.

  • More Profitable Than
    Selling Gas To Market.
  • Eliminates Need To
    Process & Transmit Gas.
  • Minimal Infrastructure.
  • Operators Can
    Monetize Wasted Fuel.
  • Royalty Owners Can
    Take Gas "In Kind".
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions.
Custom Setup
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  • imgOur "6-Step" Process
    imgTailors The Equipment,
    imgTo Suit Any Wellsite.

More Information

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